Monday, November 26, 2012


Thanksgiving was last week and Jeff and I spent the Holiday with my family. I love more than anything, spending time with them. I also looove this day because my mom cooks everything amazing, she is the best cook in the world. (Its true) But I guess it's also a day to take a step back and realize what you're thankful for right? Well the last few years I have realized a new kind of thanks... Jeff. I'm a lucky girl to have him for my husband. It's an amazing feeling to know I have someone love me as much as he does. I'm thankful he came into my life 14 years ago, snuck out for bit, but came back ;) I can say now, I'm actually thankful for the time we were apart... Which seemed like forever! We each dated other people, made new friends and grew up. Huge time. After we started dating again, we realized we were actually ready to be together forever. I'm pretty dang excited for what the rest of our life has in store for us. Love you babe!