Monday, May 2, 2011

Costa Rica!!!

So in 2010 my work hit our sales goal and decided to celebrate by taking everyone to Costa Rica! Last Wednesday we took off at 6 AM for a 5 day adventure with 260 (give or take a few) friends from across the country that work with me. They were kind enough to let us bring our significant others.

One of the days we took a break from the water and went to a little town about a half hour from our hotel. My work help to donated a soccer field along with a few other companies for a bunch of kids. That was a great experience. They threw a big party and the surrounding 4 towns canceled school so that everyone could come out and enjoy it.

Anyway here are a few of the photos from the Trip.

This guys likes to eat flowers

The Crew

The Party

The Girls

Rob Making this young fellow very happy
The field

The Field

More Field

Bull Riding

Last Sunset of the Trip

Really!? Can it get much better then this!

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