Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Awesome gone bad

This past weekend Jeff and I went to our families cabin with my family. Its almost like our second home. I love so much when we can all be there together.

My niece Ava ran in to get ready in the morning and came out with pink basketball shorts on and her cowboy boots, and says to her outfit, "perfect". She could not be any cuter.

Tucker's little boy Mason couldn't get enough of the dirt bike. He is only 17 months old and He looooved it. (Thanks for this pic Jess!)

I finally had my first crash, it was bound to happen. Lesson #1 learned.. Don't panic while driving down a rocky hill and hit the front break. Yes, you will crash and your bike will land on you.
I came out with huge knee, scraped shin, bruised hip and scrapes on my arm.

My mom spent all day yesterday with me while Jeff had to work. She brought me LOTS of goodies like the best cinnamon rolls, treats and gossip mags. My cutest brothers came to see me on their lunch too.
We figured since my knee is so swollen i cant bend my leg or stand on that side without almost passing out, that i should suck it up and go to the Dr. So, I went in for an X-ray today and found out I was overdue for a Tetanus shot and had a fever... That's great... As Jeff is pushing me around the office in a wheelchair to get the X-ray and shot, I instantly started sweating. I HATE needles. I was terrified. Only until I turned around to see Jeff was talking to me as the skeleton and would put its boney fingers over my shoulder. He always knows how to turn my almost terrified tears into laughter. Then I realized how ridiculous I really looked and couldn't stop giggling.

Luckily nothing is broken. But I have enjoyed being carried everywhere! I just get this awesome thing for my knee and my 4th grade dream of crutches! Ha!

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